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Kingdom nature is the Nature of Heaven. Heaven is the home of every Christian believer and Jesus Christ is King of this Heavenly Kingdom. When Jesus came to earth 2000 years ago, in the Word form, He brought this Nature with Him. The Bible reveals this nature to us in Romans 4:17 that the nature of this Heavenly Kingdom is Righteousness, Peace and Joy in the Holy Spirit. When a person manifest this nature on earth, he can now live this nature of Heaven on Earth.[Mathew 6:10] says, thy Kingdom come and thy will be done on Earth as it is already set in Heaven.  
To enter any kingdom one must comply with the laws of entry set by the king of that kingdom. So in the Heavenly Kingdom Jesus Christ sets the number one Law for entry. This number one Law of entry is REPENTANCE. Without   Repentance, no person can see the KINGDOM of God [Mathew 3:2]. This law allows the person to only SEE the Kingdom of God, so that he or she can make a choice wether to enter or not to enter.
Once the person has made his or her choice to enter The number two Law of the spirit for Entry, is to be BORN AGAIN [John 3:5,6]  by the incorruptible seed of Heaven. This Heavenly Seed [word] is not the normal written word. This seed is a REVELATION WORD. God’s heart desire for you.  This Heavenly seed must be sown on a good soil .The nature of the good soil will make the seed grow and bear fruit. In the parable of the sower.[Mathew 13:23] Jesus explained that, the seed is the word , the good soil is the good heart condition[repented heart] This means that when a person has repented from his or her sins and is seeking the Kingdom of God, That person will find this HEAVENLY SEED.[Mathew 6:33] because he or she is ready to receive the seed. The sower of the seed is Jesus Himself.
NOTE-Repentance means turning away from sin. The human will power to turn’s away from the sin nature. When a person hears the Good news of Jesus Christ through the preacher. The Holy Spirit will convict the person of sin. Normally when people repent; they go to a church or a denomination. They are not yet Born Again into the Kingdom. Water Baptism is telling the world that a person has made a promise that he is now turning away from sin. SIN is life of the flesh [Galatiansl5:20] The Bible calls this the old life or the old man. The life of the flesh is a life without faith in JESUS CHRIST.
IN the born again the Heavenly Seed is landed into your heart by an Apostle or a Prophet who are the custodian to the move of God on earth. Jesus is no longer on earth physically so this mandate of laying the Foundation of Christ is given to the Apostles. You will know when this seed has landed into your spirit. In this seed or revelation is a new Birth, a new Life a new Nation and a new Destiny and a New you. The old has gone and the new has come [2Corinthians5:17].

Every man woman who claim to be in the kingdom of God will be tested and the seed of negative things will be uprooted.IN Mathew 13:42 the bible says; The Son of Man will send out his angles and they will gather out of His Kingdom all things that offend and those who practice Lawlessness and will cast them into the furnace of fire.
The seed of negative things which we carry and have been living with, will be separated and be removed. God has been good to us. He promised us that he will not leave us or forsake us when we are with him. He takes care of our needs-He has been The Good Shepherd to us. BUT that’s not only where he wants us to be. HE now will take us through the valley of the shadow of death. [Please read Psalms23] Because beyond the valley of the shadow of deaths are green pastures. This is where the strong holds, false religion, other beliefs and all other remaining rubbish are dealt with.
NOTE -People will lose their lives if they are not obedient and cannot see what God wants to do and continue to maintain [hold onto something so strong that you cannot let it go] strongholds in their lives in this refining process.  The enemy who lives in the valley of the shadow of death will use them and stop them from reaching their destiny in God.
 When all the rubbish is removed the Holy Spirit can now flow through us to carry out the will of God.  Once this happens, we will not be only sons of the kingdom, but now have become sons of the Farther—we must be cleanse  and qualify to become sons of the Father only then the keys of the Kingdom will be given to us. Then all doors will be unlocked. We takeover rule and reign to Redesign the face of the earth then, Heaven will shout that: NOW the kingdom of this world has become the Kingdom of our Lord and His Christ [Revelation 11:15] EXTRA ORDINARY AND EXPENSION OF THE KINGDOM ON EARTH .we prepare for His return in full glory
In Isiah 65:17 God said; For behold I create a New Heavens and a New Earth. The former shall not be remembered nor come to mind.

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