Saturday, 9 April 2011


Above is a picture of the Lorengau market in Manus

Myself and another villager, Mr. Tom Purai, talking at the top of Mt. Pawih

The people in Manus Island Province of Papua New Guinea [PNG]are very rich in the natural and yet are so very  very  poor in the Spirit -By this I mean that they are not able to discern the Holy Spirit accurately  and live according to what God is saying through His Spirit- The Holly Spirit. When a Manusian  talks  about a spiritual thing ,he may not be really talking about the Holy Spirit in the bible BUT could be really talking about his own cultural spirit. Which he has been living like that for many years. For example; If they speak about blessing they talk about their own goodness and not the Goodness of God. The person may paint the picture of the true God as if it is true. This is a great deception and no wonder Manus is the very least in Development  in the country of Papua New Guinea. In the 40s and 50s-- Manus  in the war times was the  fastest and biggest growing Naval  Base in the Bismarck Sea  and probably serves as  the Main Base for the Allied Force in the Pacific-In fact many current big cities now in PNG like Rabaul, Lae  and Port Moresby were built through the left-overs of American  war materials from Manus Island. In my  2001 Research for  the Third World Nation –EVANGELISM SEMINAR in  Hawaii, I  realize that Manusians were  the most   literate people in the country from the 60s,to the 90s but now other provinces  have taken the lead : No wonder the Bible says that; In the end  the first will become last  and the last will become first-Lets us  Manus people Hope It  Is Not the End Yet!