Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The New Season In God

As you may know, we are entering a new season in God as we enter  the next decade in this millennium.
According to the word of God in Ecclesiastes chapter 3:1 the word of God says that: to everything there is a Season, a time for every purpose under heavens. Wisdom is saying that in all of Gods creation, God has allocated a season and a time frame to carry out his purpose in fulfilling mans final destiny. Our question is how can we know the time shift of God so that we can connect to what God is saying? Well in 2Peter 3.8 the bible say God sees 1000 years  as one day and one day as 1000 years so lets have 2 Peter 3:8 as our key as we go along, lets first go to man at creation. You will see that in Day1, Day2, Day3, Day4, Day5, God did create certain things . On the 6th day you will see that God created man in his Image and likeness. The image of God in the inward life of  a person and the likeness is the outward manifestation of the inward man.
So lets go back again to the biblical history of creation from Genesis to Revelation, if you can calculate or have a Jewish Calender you will find out that it looks something like this.

Can you see in Genesis c1:27-28 that God created man on the 6th Day? Yes,  so when we look at the above time line we have now past the 6 day into the decade of the 1st day,  infact from 2004-2011 is already 7 years into a New Day.
In the last 400 years or so the spirit of the lord begin to bring revelation or the restoration of truth. In the last 200 years during the church reformation the born again process began and people receive Jesus Christ into their hearts this was within the 6 period where the holy spirit was creating the spirit life of man.
But now the 6 days is already over and we have now entered the 7th day infact it is as 7 years inside or as we see 11 years inside (2011) Do you know  what happened on the 7th day?  Yes God rested or Sabbath. This means that he has finished everything and it was good. Another question – Do you know what happened in Genesis chapter 3  and beyond?  Yes man fell and lived under sin nature till now the last 4000 years  and Jesus came to break the power of sin nature. Let me show you something in Gen 3: 22 in verse 21 God made tunics of skin and cloth them (from the lamb or sheep skin) the lord said behold the man has become like one of us to know the good and evil. Now who is God talking to this time? It was not Adam and Eve. God the creator is talking to God the spirit and God the word (later become God the Son) the word in Genesis 3 : 22 is this: Now  one of us will become like them  to know good and evil . It was at this time that the WORD become an obedient SON to the father and came to earth to become like us.
In the 7th Day God has now Given the Kingdom to his son and the final work has been completed by the holy spirit, so now God  the word who has now become God the Son is preparing his Kingdom now on earth.
Let me now take you to Exodus 19: verse 10-11 then the Lord said to Moses , go  to the people and consecrate today and tomorrow and let them wash their clothes  and let them be ready for the third day, for on the third day the lord will come down on Mt Sinai in  the sight of all the people.
God told Moses to tell the Israelites  (refer to we as believer) to be ready for today and tomorrow. Lets look again at our key scripture 2Peter 3:8 from Jesus time (0) to 1000 years AD is 1st Day 1000 years AD to year 2000 is 2nd Day. Now we are already living in the 3rd Day dimension  and this is the time when God is coming to fully reveal himself.
The timing and the purpose of God for the 1st and second Day is over. The first and 2nd Day was the time of preparation. This was when people must receive Jesus Christ into their hearts and be born again by the spirit setting our foundation for the future because Christ in us will be our hope of Glory
The mighty charismatic and Pentecostal moves are over, we are entering a new season now that Christ wants to reveal himself in our human body. We are now in the apostolic season in God.
God has now moved from day 2 to day 3. When God moves everything, every birds, every animals will also move the creation moves. Why are we holding back in our doctrine of churches and human culture – some people here say I was born catholic and will die catholic or I was born into a four square churhc therfore Iam will die as a four square person. What a lot of rubbish! There is no denomination in heaven or even in the Bible - only the Kingdom of God. If you remain where you are you must know that you are working against God. Even if you are pastor or preacher of the gospel and encouraging people to remain I tell you if God would send his angles  to earth you that pastor will be the first one to be arrested – that licence you are using is already expired . No wonder people are sick and tired of going to church and hearing the same message over and over again.
Let me assure you when God moves and you do also, you will find your purpose for the season.  And at the same time you will also harvest the fruit of the season.
Where God is there is Life.