Monday, 9 May 2011


The dream is to build Manus Island first in the spirit and then the Natural  will take its course freely-Like when the river is flowing every thing that is connected to the course will take the shape of the direction and destiny of that course. One of the happening that will happen shortly and that is in the coming PNG National Election in 2012 Is- God is going to do A NEW THING to the Land and Sea and the People of Manus . God is going to turn the Existing Flow which is full of Contamination and gradually turn it into Purity because Purity His Nature.  God is going to do that by Switching the Source of the Stream. The Apostolic Breakthrough Anointing  will make that happen in the Natural so that  Gods Governmental Authority  will set us free and when we are free- then Gods Word in Isaiah 32:18 will came into fulfillment for us
For a nation to build into the future, it must have God behind the back of its brain and that God will enable the fulfilment of its Resources .One of the funniest thing  I came across in life is money. Today many young people are saying this slang – MONEY  TALKS. Let mi give you another word—FREEDOM. This word means free but we cannot achieve freedom in the Natural. No matter how much we try we will never achieve it because freedom is not natural realities as to what man think but a spiritual state. When we enter this state; money is not a problem. Let mi tell you one of my experience or for a Christian person he would call it a miracle. Once I was in one of the Hawaiian Islands of Maui and I came to a place where I really had no money at all..With only $ 3 dollars that will last mi for three weeks  I was very worried so I began to question God on why did he brought me all the way from Manus island to this place. I should have stayed  back home with my people  and enjoy my fishing and hunting  and live freely because provisions are always available. As I began to sit on one of the street corner in Kehei . I heard a voice deep down in my spirit. All this things will fade away. But my word will remain forever. Tears ran down my cheek and from thereon I questioned  God no more. That some afternoon I received $200 American dollars into my wallet directly from heaven. The money  was all brand new  with no spot or wrinkle on those all $20 dollar notes .From then on Gods provision came into my life and carried me  all the way from America back to my remote village in Manus island, back to my own people. God doesn’t give me this kind of money now but I had an experience once  in my life time. Once my son who is now lecturer in one of the  PNG Universities  said; money is not a problem at all BUT it is us who create problems for ourselves. And I think that statement is fully correct !
GIFT is LIFE to the people of the Third World not to the First and Second World. This is true according to biblical  times in the life of Abraham. When we check very carefully the life of Abraham ,he gave gifts to the sons of Keturah  [Keturah  was Abraham’s third wife who was  his concubine. Gen 25] because he gave already all that he had  to Isaac as he had nothing left just before his death. This gifts enable the sons of Keturah to live even though they did not receive any inheritance from their father Abraham .This is why  salvation is by  grace through faith. And this is possible to the Gentiles .KBMI  believes that  faith is life and life is living because the bible says that; The just shall live by FAITH. The question of faith depends on the word capacity we hold. If the word we carry is lower that what we hope for; it will take a longer time- frame to hit the desired target.
This are my people in Liap village.

My walking in the forests of Derimbat village.