Saturday, 21 January 2012

In this time and season for PNG

God is shaking PNG from sleeping. For far too long the cultural mindset of the people of this great nation have refused what God wanted to do in PNG. I have been monitoring the activities on news since 2010 and have sensed that that PNG is going from bad to worse.
The leaders we have voted for especially the member of Parliament (MPs) are stealing our money and we the people of the villages are not getting anything from the national government. There are no medicines in the aidpos, no health workers in rural aidposts, teaching are running away from schools and not teaching the kids etc and yet the PNG governemtn is talking about the Free Education policy.I have never seen in all the countries I've travelled to to have two Prime Ministers.
The price of fuel has gone up so high that ordinary people cannot travel to town to get basic services. From Liap to Lorengau is just 45 minutes by boat but we have to pay K25 one way. Its ridiculous that we have to pay so much for fuel in this country!

While parliamentarians fight for positions, schools like ours in Liap face a uncertain future!

Only Derimbat village has an aidpost. It is basic but serves so many people in Liap, Derimbat.  We need a health centre!

The Christians in this nation are not praying and are just becoming like the parlimentarians. Where is the truth here? People can connect to a source and live by that source. But others also can connect to another source and call that the truth so at the end, they fight against one and other and kill themselves.
How can we stop PNG from interpreting a lie to be truth. In PNG, this is sometimes called in pidgin as 'Mauswara' or 'wara kolou' in my language term. This has become normal to many who call themselves Christians.
I define truth as Christ life in a man or a person. Christ Jesus is the truth himself as he profess in John 14.6. When a man's life lives at a certain degree in Christ, his life lives in a certain level of truth. That means the word of God in him carries certain dimensions of life and that life living on earh at that level is the truth living.
Another man who lives in a cetain way or culture can also say he is living in truth but thats not the truth although he may think so. Thast kind of truth is truth but not based on the word of God. It can be compromised as it is based on the nature of the flesh.
The PNG system or cultural wasys is a corrupt system and is rooted deep in the family ties, villages and tribes. This is especially true at the vey top level in politics and departments to we read about in the newspapers and listen to on the radio. To serve you or your family first is the life of the flesh as spoken in Galatians 5.20.
PNG is known to be a Christian nationa . In 2001, during a visit to the third World Christian Leaders Summit in Hawaii, I realised that PNG is one of the most evangelised nation in the world with about 95% and yet till now is about last in the 1st, 2nd and thrid world put together.
I want to reveal all this to the readers of this blog becasue PNG is not what it is in the mid and the sight of God. I believe this country requires a full transformation. How can that happen and where does transformation come from and what kind of transformation do we want?????
I will continue this.....