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                 GOD'S KIROS TIME FOR MANUS ISLAND                   
The word KIROS is not in the bible just like the word RAPTURE. This word is believed to be a Greek word that indicates the season of the NOW. What God has ordained in this time. Man has only limited understanding of God the creator and unless God reveals his secret through his servants the prophets (Amos 3: 7) earth will never know what heaven is doing.
The times and seasons Manus is entering now is rapidly changing and that; we ourselves in Manus cannot imagine what’s really happening now. In our different level of society we all can feel the pinch and pressure of moving forward. We are held by some kind of pressure that will not allow things to happen as expected. The current trend of change and development paving its way into Manus is now shaking people from their dreams and sleeps in their cultural lifestyle and setting.  The peaceful Manus lifestyle 50 years ago is now entering a National and Global vision when Infrastructure   Development such as Roads, Rower and Communications are quickly becoming link and access to the outside world.

The Gospel Settings
In the gospel and missionary settings, a lot of Manus people call themselves Christians but live in their own culture and lifestyle since the last 100 years. You cannot beat a Manusian in his knowledge of life in his home ground. These people think they know God and when they die they will get to heaven [even though they live inaccurately lives not as what the Bible says) They believe and live by that  kind of false truth. People do not live on the Christian faith at all.
God is the God who Moves. When God moves  Something Happens. Just like when he moved and spoke let there be light and light came .In the same way God word speaks in Rev21 : Behold I create a new Heaven and a new Earth, the former things will not be remembered nor come to mind. I believe God is doing a new thing in the world today and this includes MANUS island. A   population of 70,ooo people, an island of about 40miles  long and about 20 miles wide with about more than 50  small island atolls. The sea is reach with tuna and marine resource and the land is compose of tropical rain forest. This natural beauty was in the mind of God before the foundation of the world. God has His own eternal Plan and Purpose for the Manus people towards men’s final destiny in Him      
Where ever you are in the world God is watching you. Every steps you make and every breath you breathe. He created you before you were born on this planet. The breath of heaven surfaces the shorelines of home in which you and I was born. For those who have no natural home, Heaven is waiting. For standing at the door, Jesus is waiting .I can see Hi great love and in him eternity awaits you there are many things happening on this other side of the world. On this other side of the world is a place call Manus Located in the Mid Southern Pacific, the Island is believed to be the last frontier of the gospel of the King of kings and the Lord of lords-JESUS CHRIST
 A German woman [Methodist] name MARIA MOLNA planted the seed of HEAVEN into the Manus Island soil in the year 1905. There lies her memorial in a Mission station called LUGOS located on the north eastern part of the island. The island of Manus is so blessed with beautiful people and yet could be missing the true life of Heaven. Why? Because they hold a very strong cultural heritage The Gospel or Good news of Jesus Christ is a completely different way of thinking from the cultural perspectives and the way many of us are living. This Gospel is different from other gospels and good news. It speaks about the man call Jesus Christ and His life on earth. Those who believe in him and follow him and do the things he wanted them to do. As they do and live as Jesus said they will become more and more like Him. The people who believe in Him and follow him are called Christians. We cannot compromise our cultural life and our normal way of living and call our village province or country a Christian Nation.
Finding the Will of God
I believe God is doing a very complete new thing in Manus. Because this God of the Bible who spoke about who Jesus Christ is, Is not only The God of Israel but this God is also God of The Nations; Acts 17:26 says that; And He has made from one blood [ADAM] every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth and has determined their pre appointed times and the boundries of their dwellings. That means Manus is Also included in the plans and purposes of God for eternal salvation of mankind. There for every Manusian must seek the Lord in the hope that they might grope for him though He is not far from each one of us. In this hour of time the people of God [followers of Jesus Christ] must be very sensitive in the Spirit and must be able to tell the Times and Seasons of God and be able to connect and align themselves to what God is trying to do or is already Moving. In this case we can be able to identify the Will of God for our lives. And when we have identified His will for our lives and live by that WILL, we connect and align ourselves to His Purpose and Times for Eternity
One of the most important aspect in life is DEVELOPMENT. There are many kinds of development in life and every development has their source of input. The input determines the output. If the  input is pure, the output will be pure. And if the Input is corrupt or contaminated the Output will be corrupt or Contaminated. The Bible speaks that in Galatian 6:7 Whatever a man sows he will reap Therefor in life when we see something that will help us to develop, we must first identify the source which is empowering that kind of development.  It’s  just like Jesus meeting the Samaritian woman at the Jacob well [john ch4] The conversation begin with  religious background[worship] The question of where, when, how, why, who is not Important to God. JESUS was trying to reveal to the Samaritian Woman that; there is another well [HEAVENLY WELL]  sitting above the Jacob well. This well the Samaritian woman must see it.
Only when we have identified the source and its purity we can connect and align ourselves to the system or development taking place. Our lives are very important. The bible says do not sell your life for a pot of stew [the story of Jacob and Isau] 
The Desire of God
When God wants to do something new .The first thing God does is look for a man. Today the world is looking for a system but the bible say that God is looking for a man of Stature IZekiel 22:30 Stature is different from status.  Status is who you are in the eyes of the world,  BUT stature is the capacity of How much of of God that man carries. God first moulds and build that one man and design him to carry out what He wanted that person to do for Him. In the bible old testament, God used the Prophets but in the new testament God used a body call JESUS and later Jesus commissioned His Apostles.
Test All Spirits
 Today there are many people who call themselves Apostles and Prophets. Mans can be deceived. The bible gave us a very clear instruction that we must test all the spirits [1 John 4: 1]. How do we test the spirits? We test the spirits by listening to people and compare what they are saying with their own life. The word of God and the life of Jesus Christ is the yard stick to measure Christian life. THE WORD states very clearly in 1 John4:2,3 that;  BY THIS YOU WILL KNOW THE SPIRIT OF GOD. Every spirit that; confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh IS OF GOD and every spirit that DOES NOT CONFESS that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of GOD And this is the spirit of Antichrist which you have heard is coming and is now in the world.
There are many spirits now walking on earth. These spirits have now become flash and are  now living in people. IN THE WORLD means the word of the spirits [antichrist spirits] have  become flesh and now working in the sons of disobedience [Ephesians 2:2]
The Apostle are no ordinary man but a man of GOD with stature and is mandated to build Christ inside a person. This is a heavenly mandate. Pastors, Evangelists, Prophets and Teachers are mandated for different functions in the BODY OF CHRIST. Apostles lay the foundation of Jesus Christ in human lives [The human body which is the Temple made by God Himself] 1 Corinthians 3:10,11
The person who has Christ in him manifests the life of Christ in his life. The word of God has now become flesh and now living in the human body. Therefor that Being can now confess Jesus Christ because the  WORD –JESUS now can be confessed with his mouth and manifesting in that person’s life. The word now has become flesh and is living –John CH 1:14 AMEN.

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