Tuesday, 6 December 2011

KBMI witnesses Lowa Elementary Graduation

Today, KBMI witnessed the graduation of 25 children in Elementary 1 and Elementary 2 at Lowa village.
The number of children who passed from E1 to E2 were 11 while the children from E2 to Primary 3 were 14.  Most of these children who graduated were from the KBMI Lowa local church. I was privllaged to be asked to give a speech. There were many people from the village who had attended the graduation so I felt that it was important for me to share some words to the people.
I talked about spiritual advancement and spiritual development.
This is the summary of what I said:
“God is doing a new thing in our lives and we must be able to understand what is happening now. Without knowing what God is saying, we will not be able to move towards the future. This is because many things are happening in the ‘now’ season. Now we have communication, road and developments coming into our village and community that will affect the way we used to live before. For this reason, you and me must know why God is doing today. For you to know, you must connect to man of God who knows what the Holy Spirit is saying.
The Lowa Elementary students sit under a canvas waiting for things to get underway
Some of the villagers, parents and guardians that turned up
The grandstadn where the prizes were kept

A Elementary 1 student receives an award from the headmaster

The Elementary students put on a song and dance for the parents

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